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What massages can you book at Full Vitality Spa Sevilla?

We remind you and list the most classic massages that you can book in Seville, Malaga. We include a great novelty within the Full Vitality Spa treatments.


Book the Classic Swedish Massage in Seville.

From Full Vitality Spa we pay tribute to Pehr Henrik Ling, creator of the Swedish massage, performing it in a primitive way respecting the original methodology of passes and manipulations, as he prescribed them between 1804 and 1813, do you dare to try a massage 200 years old? We offer you the most widespread and recognised massage in the world, but performed in the most traditional and respectful way based on its founder, you can’t miss it.

A classic massage, with which you will always get it right.


Book a Swedish massage at home in Seville: 

Massage Marbella, Malaga



Book a relaxing massage in Seville.

The Full Vitality Spa relaxing massage is a gentle massage with sedative passes and relaxing manipulations with the aim of leading the client to a state of nirvana where they can deeply disconnect from their daily chores. In order to offer a good relaxing massage, it is essential to prepare the environment, dim lighting and activate the olfactory bulb with pleasant and relaxing essences. The work area in which we usually carry out this practice will be on a massage table and with appropriate music for the purpose. All these elements are of vital importance, but fundamentally the key to harmony is the therapist. The professional who is to perform this massage must be in a state of harmony and balance in order to transmit a state of calm and deep relaxation to the client through his or her hands. It is recommended that the client arrives a little earlier at the service destination in order to enter into the appropriate atmosphere before the service is performed.


Book a relaxing massage at home in Seville: 

relaxing massage Marbella



Book a sports massage in Seville.

The Full Vitality Spa sports massage is a deep massage based on the Swedish massage but designed and focused exclusively to care, protect and prepare the muscle tissues when performing a physical activity to prevent injuries, maintain physical tone, recover, give greater range of mobility and improve the athlete’s performance.

It is a massage focused and aimed at sportsmen and women with regular physical activity.

To start, maintain or prepare for a competition or activity that subjects the body to superior physical conditions.

Any regular physical activity requires a regular sports massage to maintain, recover or prevent possible injuries.


Book a sports massage at home in Seville: 

Sport massage Marbella



Book a Thai massage in Seville.

We can define Full Vitality Spa’s Thai massage in a quick and easy way, as an assisted yoga class where the therapist will do the movements for you. Passive and harmonious yoga. The therapist will exert pressure and stretching always controlled to create in the client a sensation between pleasant and painful, achieving a balance throughout the massage.

As you can see it is not a relaxing massage, it is a massage full of activity and benefits.


Book Thai massage at home in Seville 

Thai Massage Marbella



Book Reflexology in Seville.

Reflexotherapy or Reflexology at Full Vitality Spa is a natural technique based on the existence of reflex points in different parts of the body: feet, hands, ears… which correspond to the organs and glands of the organism. At Full Vitality Spa we have great professionals in the field of oriental techniques.


Reserve Reflexology in Seville at home 

Reflexology Marbella



Book the special massage, Aromas of Alexandria

Aromas of Alexandria is a special 90-minute massage. Massage specially indicated for deep relaxation with scented oils and sedative passes with the main objective of total disconnection. Massage on the whole body with main attention to the head for absolute relaxation and peace. A unique experience.

Book a special massage aromas of Alexandria at home in Seville 

Special massage 90 min. Marbella



Book a reductive massage in Seville.

The reductive massage consists of the application of intense movements to mould the parts of the body that contain excess fat and liquids. In this massage we work on the areas with the greatest amount of fat in the body, provoking heat with special movements that help to dissolve the adipose tissue. The manipulations will be carried out with a reduction product from leading companies with a tested composition.

Book a home body slimming massage in Seville 

Lymphatic drainage in our and at home in Marbella



Book Californian Massage in Seville.

The Californian massage of Full Vitality Spa is a relaxation massage technique with long, fluid and harmonious movements, with effleurages and with the pressures that slide over the perfumed oils.

Book a Californian massage at home in Seville 

californian massage at home



Lomi Massage Reservation – Lomi Sevilla.

This massage is known all over the world as the massage of joy. The massage to feel good. From the origins of the ancient Polynesian culture this joyful massage was passed down from father to son as a healing art.

What are the steps that make this massage different from others?

We can define it as the massage of flow, long and sensitive passes, the whole massage wrapped in a dance, can feel the ancestors of Polynesia, esoteric and mystical sensations in this ritual to the body. The passes are like a consecutive wave introducing hands, fingers, thumbs and knuckles.

But the most characteristic and representative technique is the sliding of the forearms.

At Full Vitality Spa we have holistic therapists who develop this technique with true mastery.


Book Lomi – lomi massage at home in Seville 

Massage Lomi - lomi at home



Book a 4 hands massage in Seville.

Four Hands Massage by Full Vitality Spa. Our exclusive four hands massage is an authentic experience. You must feel the pleasure of receiving a four hands massage by synchronized professionals of Full Vitality Spa, you will not be indifferent.


Book a four hands massage at home in Seville 



four-hand massage at home



Book Shiatsu in Seville

Shiatsu is a finger pressure and stretching therapy. It is a therapy of Japanese origin, based on the structural and energetic balance in its totality, body and mind. available in centres and at home. couple service available.

Book Shiatsu at home in Seville 

Couple massage at home in Marbella



Book Ayurveda Massage in Seville

Ayurvedic massage is a traditional Indian massage. It is a massage technique based on Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It regulates emotional and physical energy. available in our centres and at home. also available for couples.

Book Ayurveda massage at home in Seville 

Ayurveda en Marbella



Booking Lymphatic drainage in Seville

Lymphatic drainage consists of a gentle and repetitive massage, whose rhythm, slower than that of traditional massage, and the adherence to the skin without the help of products favour the activation of the lymph and the elimination of stagnant liquids. The ideal massage for aesthetic post-surgery. Available in our centres and home service in Seville.

Book lymphatic drainage at home in Seville 

Drenaje linfático a domicilio.



Book Maderoterapia in Seville

Wood therapy consists of applying a massage using different wooden tools specially designed to balance the patient’s energy, firm and tone the body, and combat cellulite. Available in our centres and at home.

Book home wood therapy in Seville. 

Wood therapy at home



Pregnancy massage reservation in Seville.

Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is a specific type of massage that is highly recommended for all pregnant women. It basically consists of working the different areas of the body, excluding the abdomen, which may have some discomfort and / or pain associated with the progress of pregnancy.

Book a massage for pregnant women at home in Seville. 

Massage for pregnant women in Marbella



Book Japanese facelift in Seville

Japanese facelift in Seville, releases tensions, reduces flaccidity, increases luminosity, good complement against migraine and headaches. available in our centres and home service. couple service available.

Book a Japanese facelift at home in Seville. 

Facial home service Marbella



Book Radiofrequency facial in Seville.

Treatment to combat flaccidity, wrinkles and blemishes. It is designed for women and men who with the passage of time have lost density in the skin, which causes flaccidity and wrinkles. The result is that in a short time you will achieve the regeneration of a softer, smoother and revitalised skin.
available in our centres and home services.
available for couples.

Book home facial radiofrequency in Seville. 

Facial treatments at home in Marbella



Diamond-tipped microdermabrasion Facial Booking in Seville

A peeling with which you will eliminate blemishes, reduce expression wrinkles and small facial scars. It is also the best way to reduce facial fat.
In addition, thanks to the Japanese facial massage treatment, you will obtain the results of a natural facelift. Available at our centres and home service.

Book diamond tip microdermabrasion at home in Seville. 

diamond tip microabrasion at home



Hyaluronic Acid Facial Reserve in Seville.

Prolonged hydration, improves lipid barrier, increases resilience, smoothes skin tone, softens texture, reduces wrinkles, stimulates skin regeneration and pigmentation. Brightness and clarity.
Available at our centres and home delivery service.

Hyaluronic acid facial at home in Seville. 

with hyaluronic acid



Book Colombian drainage in Seville.

Colombian drainage is a reductive drainage focused on the abdomen, it is performed with wood therapy equipment. This, together with the lymphatic manoeuvres, achieves innovative results in the abdomen reduction massage, achieving results from the first session. Colombian drainage is the revolution for 2023.

Book a reservation for Colombian drainage at home in Seville. 

post-operative massage Marbella



Book manicure and pedicure in Seville

Full Vitality Spa offers manicure and pedicure service in Seville. Manicure and pedicure refers to all those cosmetic treatments that are aimed at improving the health and beauty of both our hands and our fingernails. The pedicure, on the other hand, is in charge of carrying out different beauty treatments for our feet.

We perform manicures and pedicures gel, acrylic, enamel.

Book a manicure and pedicure at home in Seville. 

Manicure and pedicure at home



Booking Service of professional technician of specific sports massage in Seville.

Sports treatments in Seville.

Sports treatments allow the provision of advice and adaptation of rehabilitation in order to prevent injuries, restore optimal body function, and contribute to the improvement of sporting performance.

Book specific massage treatment for golfers:

Book specific massage treatment for Golfers Seville.

Book a massage treatment specifically for Fitness Seville.

Book specific massage treatment for Runner Seville.

Book a massage treatment specifically for Equestrian Seville.

Book a massage treatment specifically for Tennis and Paddle Seville.

Specialists in, Cupping, kinesiotape.


Book specific sports treatment at home in Seville. 



Book Osteopathy in Seville.

Structural osteopathy in Seville Structural osteopathy focuses on the locomotor system, on our musculoskeletal structure, on the joints. This speciality treats muscular injuries, such as contractures, ankle sprains or shoulder tendinitis.
Visceral osteopathy in Seville Visceral osteopathy focuses its attention, fundamentally, on treating illnesses and ailments of the gastrointestinal, urogenital and respiratory systems. Among others, we can talk about problems related to the pelvic floor and endometriosis in women; irritable bowel syndrome; kidney malfunction in patients suffering from lumbago; or the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis or pneumonia.
Cranial osteopathy in Seville The bones of the skull are joined together by peculiar fibrous joints, the cranial sutures, which move almost imperceptibly. This means that, although it may seem strange to us, our skull is elastic. Based on this fact, cranial osteopathy carries out the evaluation and treatment of different dysfunctionalities associated with the bones of the skull, focusing on sutural mobility.

Book Osteopathy at home in Seville 

Osteopatia en Marbella



Book Yoga classes in Seville

Yoga is an extraordinarily effective method of physical and mental improvement. There are countless testimonies that, for centuries, tell us of its powerful effects on all our body systems and our mind. And there is no shortage of scientific studies that endorse the benefits of Yoga.

From being an almost secret discipline, today it has spread all over the world and, after its necessary modernisation, it continues to improve the lives of all those who practice it seriously. The list of benefits of Yoga is so long that it is no exaggeration to say that everyone can benefit from its many techniques.

For this reason and because of the team of professionals that we have at Full Vitality Spa we offer Yoga at home in Seville.


Book YOGA at home in Seville 

Yoga at home - Yoga a domicilio



Where can I book a massage service in Seville?

Book massages in Centro Sevilla.
Book massages in Triana, Sevilla.
Book massages in Los Remedios, Seville.
Book massages in Reina Mercedes, Seville.
Book massages in La Cartuja, Seville.
Book massages in La Macarena, Sevilla.
Book massages in Nervion, Sevilla.
Book massages in Viapol, San Bernardo, El Cerro.
Book massages in Sevilla Este, Sevilla.
Book massages in Rochelambert , Bellavista, Sevilla.


In which hotels in Seville where can you book a massage ?

Massage service Hotel Alfonso XIII, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Seville

Massage service Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Hotel.

Massage service EME Catedral Mercer Hotel.

Massage service Hotel Palacio de Villapanes.

Massage service Hotel Colón Gran Meliá.

Massage service for Hotel Mercer Sevilla Hotel

Massage service for Eurostars Torre Sevilla.

Massage service Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento.

Massage service Radisson Collection Hotel, Magdalena Plaza Sevilla.

Massage service Hotel Boutique Casa del Poeta

Massage service abba Sevilla hotel.

Massage service Hotel Fernando III Sevilla


We hope from Full Vitality Spa that you enjoy this post. It is a small journey through the wide world of wellness.


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