Thai massage

thai massage


What is Thai massage?

What if we clear all the doubts about this demanded massage in the whole world?

The first thing we must know is that we are not facing a typical conventional massage with oil and a stretcher. It is a massage that is performed on a futon at ground level, in a space comprised of two square meters. (If you order it for a Full Vitality Spa home service make sure you have enough space) Thai massage is a massage that you receive dressed in loose, flexible and comfortable clothing. The therapist will have to carry out stretching, manipulation and pressure that these garments require. (At Full Vitality spa you can previously request appropriate clothing that we give you as a courtesy to fully enjoy the service)



What feeling will you have when receiving the Thai massage?

We can define it in an easy and fast way, as an assisted yoga class where the therapist will be in charge of performing the movements for you. Passive and harmonious yoga. The therapist will always exert controlled pressure and stretching to create a pleasant to painful sensation in the client, achieving balance throughout the massage.

As you can see, it is not a relaxing massage, it is a massage full of activity and benefits.

Massage thai


Benefits of Thai massage?

This massage generates benefits in the physical as well as emotional or mental. This general balance strengthens our immune system.

1. Postural corrector. It is possibly the most effective massage to correct bad postural habits.

2. Improve your flexibility passively. The therapist will go to the limit of his flexibility to gain elasticity.

3. Activation of the lymphatic system. Ideal if you retain liquid.

4. Rebalances and regulates the nervous system.

5. Strengthens the immune system.

6. It is a great stress and anxiety reliever.

7. Sleep regulator and will help combat insomnia problems.

8. This massage will create movement in the entire blood supply.

9. Well-being and positive feeling in the state of mind.

10. Increase and improvement of respiratory capacity.



How long does a Thai massage last?

The Thai massage should last between 60 and 120 minutes. In general, Spa and wellness centers are concentrating it on a generic 60-minute demo type service. We from Full Vitality Spa manage it as follows. We make a first appointment where our therapist will study the specific case of the client and adapt the next appointments to the client’s needs. In Thai massage, all postures are worked, but mainly the anatomical ones, supine, prone, lateral and sitting. It is a complete massage where it will begin with the feet and end with the head.


Where can I get a good Thai massage?

At Full Vitality Spa we work it in two ways: classic and conventional with futon on the floor, respecting the classic and traditional style.

Stretcher style: we have adapted Thai massage for clients who want, apart from dry pressures, passes to release tension. We offer the Thai massage with essential oils where you receive the most classic Thai massage plus some oil passes to release accumulated tension on a stretcher.
You can order your Thai massage at home and in all our physical locations.

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Book Thai massage in centers

We remind you of all the locations of Full Vitality Spa where you can book Thai massage

We also remind you of our home delivery service for all Andalusia and Madrid

Cádiz: Tarifa, Cádiz. Zahara de los tunas, Cádiz Sotogrande, Cádiz. Algeciras, Cádiz.

Malaga: Estepona, Malaga. Marbella, Malaga. Benahavis, Malaga. Puerto Banus, Malaga. Mijas, Malaga. Fuengirola Malaga. Torremolinos, Malaga. Benalmádena, Malaga. Malaga, Malaga. Victory corner. Malaga. Nerja, Malaga.

Granada: Granada center. Grenade. Sierra Nevada, Granada.

Madrid: Madrid Centro, Fuencarral, El pardo, Moncloa, Aravaca, Tetuán, Hortaleza, Chamartín, Ciudad Lineal, Barrio de Salamanca, San Blas, Barajas, Centro Madrid, Retiro, Arganzuela, Villaverde, Usera, Latina, Carabanchel, Vicálvaro, Majadahonda , Las Rozas, Boadilla del Monte.


Origin of Thai massage?

We have to go back to Buddha to rescue the origin of this extraordinary massage technique. Dr. Zhivago in charge of Buddha’s health and his disciples compiled a series of Ayurvedic and yogi techniques with the intention of maintaining the good physical condition of both Buddha and those close to him. With the bases of doctor Zhivago they gradually adapted in time to the present day and Thai massage as we know it today.


What Contraindications does Thai massage have?

1. Pregnant Woman.

2. People with heart problems.

3. People with tension problems.

4. People with osteoporosis problems.

5. Fractures.

6. Herniated discs.

7. Burns, wounds

We remember that Thai massage is an intense and hard massage. It is important that the client takes these indications into account before reserving the service.


We hope from Full Vitality Spa that you enjoy this Post. It is a small journey through the wide world of wellness.

thai massage





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