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What is Reflexology ?

Reflexology at Full VItality Spa in Madrid is the discipline that promotes the treatment of various conditions through massages and pressure on the hands, feet and head. According to this doctrine, the massages and pressures applied to certain points of the body provoke a reflex in other body regions, allowing the relief of an ailment.


At Full Vitality Spa we can treat headaches and gastritis, to name but two ailments, without contacting the head or the stomach. By simply pressing and massaging the appropriate points on the feet or hands, the therapeutic action will reach the affected area.

The origin of reflexology is considered to be in 2300 BC, and is based on traditional Chinese medicine, as at that time it is known that foot massages were used to treat certain ailments in ancient China.

Reflexology is based on a similar philosophy to acupuncture. Its proponents believe that the body is criss-crossed by meridians that divide it into different regions. Each of these regions is reflected in the feet or hands. In some cases, it is believed that the reflexes are also found in the nose and ears.

Through these meridians, according to reflexologists, circulates an energy known as chi or qui. This energy must flow naturally: when this does not happen, it leads to illness or other health problems. Through reflexology, key points are massaged to reactivate the flow of chi in those areas of the body where there was some kind of blockage or inconvenience.

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How long does the Reflexology treatment last?

At Full Vitality Spa we have adapted our special Reflexology treatment to last 55 minutes. This is a specially relaxing massage where we work on the feet, hands and head.


What are the benefits of Reflexology?

The main benefits of reflexology are :

1- Decrease and even end your stress and anxiety problems.

2- Improves blood circulation.

3- Improves depression.

4- It generates a feeling of well-being.

5- Helps to cope with problems such as diabetes, hypertension and even cholesterol.


Where can I book Reflexology in Madrid?

Full Vitality Spa offers you the best Reflexology service in Madrid.
Reflexology service at home in Madrid

You can book Reflexology service in Madrid through our website in an easy, direct and secure way





Can I book Reflexology for groups in Madrid ?

We have at your disposal the best Reflexology professionals in Madrid who will be able to meet your demand in quantity and time.


Areas of Madrid where I can book Reflexology.

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