Post-operative massage Benahavis.


The most popular and effective post operative massage in Benahavis is Lymphatic Drainage.



Why is lymphatic drainage performed in the post-operative period?

Because of its anti-oedema and analgesic action on smooth muscle fibres, lymphatic drainage is particularly indicated to reduce the so-called orange peel effect of cellulite and to treat post-surgical oedemas or scars. As for the effect on striated muscle fibres, this drainage is proposed to patients for its relaxing effect, especially in the case of tense or hypertonic muscles. In general, lymphatic drainage increases the response of the immune system, thus improving the response of the defence system in the areas treated with this massage.


What does lymphatic drainage in Benahavis consist of?

Lymphatic drainage in Marbella consists of a gentle and repetitive massage, whose rhythm, slower than that of a traditional massage, and the adherence to the skin without the help of products favour the activation of the lymph and the elimination of stagnant liquids.



Find out in which cases we will apply lymphatic drainage after a cosmetic operation in Benahavis. 



post-operative massage Marbella



1 – Post-operative massage Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in Benahavis.

After this cosmetic surgical procedure which is based on removing the excess skin that is left over when there is abdominal skin flaccidity. Our expert lymphatic drainage masseurs in Marbella are specialists in the post-operative period to check and drain the abdomen until the optimal result after the intervention.

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2 – The post operative liposuction massage in Benahavis.

We perform a series of scheduled lymphatic drainage massages after the removal of localised fat in one part of the body with the results of these massages being very satisfactory and visible in a short period of time. We perform lymphatic drainage in the main areas where it is performed are the abdomen, hips and legs, but there are more areas where it is carried out such as arms, jowls or knees.

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3 – Post-operative massage after liposculpture in Benahavis.

These are lymphatic drainage massages which are applied to the area where the accumulated fat was removed and activating the lymph nodes. Normally they are massages on the hips and abdomen, although they can also be performed on the knees or inner thighs and part of the fat is used to reshape other parts of the body with the aim of achieving a more proportional and slender silhouette.

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4 – Post-operative Breast Augmentation Massage in Benahavis.

This lymphatic drainage massage is necessary after the surgical process and the subsequent breast implant or prosthesis. Gentle kneading is done in the same direction in a gentle and firm manner and with increasing pressure depending on the patient’s improvement and function until an optimal result is achieved.

At Full Vitality Spa we have great professionals in this treatment as it is currently one of the most demanded surgeries by women, since the beginning of humanity the breast has always been a sign of femininity and beauty. In our country more than 18,000 interventions of this type are performed annually with an upward trend.

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5 – Post-operative massage after breast reduction surgery in Benahavis.

After the removal of fatty tissue and skin from the breasts we start with very delicate and regressive lymphatic drainage. The postoperative period can take longer than other types of breast surgery so the drainage sessions will be of less to more intensity and more extended in time.

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6 – Post-operative massage after breast lift surgery or mastopexy in Benahavis.

Depending on the technical details of the intervention we will study the lymphatic drainage sessions that are necessary for the optimum result of the post-operative.

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post-operative massage Marbella


In which areas of Benahavis can I receive a post operative massage?

Post-operative massage in La Zagaleta
Post operative massage in El Madroñal.
Post operative massage in La Quinta.
Post operative massage in La Arqueria.
Post-operative massage in El Paraiso.
Post-operative massage in Montemayor.
Post-operative massage in Club Golf El Higueral.
Post operative massage in Los Flamingos.
Post operative massage in Marbella Club.


post-operative massage Marbella


In which hotels in Benahavis can I receive a post operative massage?

Post-operative massage in Benahavis for Hotel and Restaurant Amanhavis.


Post-operative massage in Benahavis for Hotel Anantara Villa Padierna Palace Benahavis Marbella Resort.


Post operative massage in Benahavis for Hotel Hotel Alcuzcuz Restaurante.


Post operative massage in Benahavis for Hotel Casa Ella Boutique B&B.


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