Osteopathy in Madrid.



What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy at Full Vitality Spa Madrid is used to encompass a set of manual techniques that are used to alleviate a wide range of ailments through the search for the recovery of organic balance. Osteopathic medicine at Full Vitality Spa Marbella is within the great diversity of physiotherapeutic disciplines, employing a series of non-invasive treatments as an alternative to the problems and ailments that arise in the health of each person, seeking to avoid the application of pharmacological methods to treat them.
Full Vitality Spa Madrid’s osteopathy is dedicated to preserving all organic functions so that they can fulfil their function perfectly. Because of the holistic definition of osteopathy, its use is widely recommended for a wide variety of disorders and alterations of the body, which are mentioned below:
Osteo-articular and musculo-skeletal: including sprains, contractures, tendonitis, loss of sensitivity, pain due to asymmetrical anatomical structures, among others.
Digestive problems: such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, gas, hiatus hernia, etc.
Neural disorders: headaches that occur for very different reasons, trigeminal neuralgia and tension migraines.
Genito-urinary disorders: such as incontinence, amenorrhoea, cystitis, menopause, among others.


How long does the Full Vitality Spa Lymphatic Massage last?

The Full Vitality Spa Madrid Osteopathy session lasts 60 minutes and will always be adapted to the conditions of the client.


Benefits of a Lymphatic Massage from Full Vitality Spa.

The benefits of osteopathy at Full Vitality Spa Madrid are numerous, and good results can be seen in the short term. Among the most notable benefits, we find the balance between muscles and nervous system, which significantly improves the stability and balance of the body, reducing the likelihood of injury.

Furthermore, as it is a minimally invasive treatment, it is not painful and the patient does not have to take drugs. Osteopathy treats pathologies from their origin, which is very beneficial, as it improves the patient’s general state and, therefore, their quality of life.

Osteopathy is a highly recommended technique for patients who have already undergone other types of treatment without obtaining good results. It is a minimally invasive technique which, through manual techniques, can help in the prevention and treatment of different types of pathologies, improving the patient’s quality of life.


Where can I book osteopathy in Madrid?

Full Vitality Spa offers you the best osteopathy service in Madrid in different locations and possibilities.


Osteopathy service at home in Madrid. 


Can I book Osteopathy for groups in Madrid?

Osteopathy in Madrid, Centro.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Arganzuela.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Retiro.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Salamanca.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Chamartín.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Tetuán.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Chamberí.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Fuencarral – el Pardo.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Moncloa – Aravaca.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Latina.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Carambachel.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Usera.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Puente de Vallecas.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Moratalaz.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Cudad Lineal.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Hortaleza.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Villaverde.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Villa de Vallecas.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Vicalvaro.

Osteopathy in Madrid, San Blas – Canillejas.

Osteopathy in Madrid, Barajas.


Hotels in Madrid where you can book an Osteopathic Massage:

Massage service for Hotel NH Collection Madrid palacio de Teba

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Massage service for Hotel Santo Mauro, Luxury collection hotel.

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Massage service for Gran Hotel Ingles Madrid.

Massage service for Hotel Urso Hotel Madrid.

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