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At Full Vitality Spa, we offer the finest professionals in every discipline and type of spa and massage. When receiving a spa treatment, it’s crucial to know that you are in the hands of experts who understand the importance of your relaxation and well-being.

With 15 successful years in the wellness industry, Full Vitality Spa is the most sought-after company on the Costa del Sol – Costa de la Luz Our commitment to quality and excellence is backed by the expertise of our highly skilled professionals. Whether you visit our centers or opt for a home service in Tarifa, Cádiz, you’ll be attended by qualified individuals with extensive experience.

We provide you with a comprehensive file where you can review the training, qualifications, and background of each professional. Your feedback matters, and you can directly evaluate and rate the professionalism and quality of service received.

Choose Full Vitality Spa for your spa and massage needs in Tarifa, Cádiz. We present a range of services exclusively prepared for you.


Professional deep tissue massage in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Spa and deep tissue massage ideal for releasing tension and loosening contractures).


Professional Swedish spa and massage in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Classic European Spa and massages with long strokes with pressure intensity on demand of the client from Marbella)


Professional Sport massage in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Intense spa and massage with strong pressure, friction and stretching to adjust the body before or after a sporting activity).

Massage Marbella, Malaga



Spa and professional relaxing massages in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Spa and massages with soft and sedative passes or with the only intention of transmitting relaxation and well-being to the clients of Spa and massages for groups in Marbella).


Special 90 min professional spa and massage in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Spa and extra long relaxing massages with special attention to feet, hands and head).


Professional Thai Spa and massages in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Classic Thai Spa and massages, Spa and stretching massages and dry pressures without oil)


Professional Shiatsu spa and massage in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Classic Spa and massages from Japan very soft and relaxing based on dry pressures all over the body).


Professional reflexology spa and massages in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Spa and massages of feet, hands and head only. Pressures based on traditional Chinese medicine).

Reflexology Marbella


Professional Ayurveda Spa and massages in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Classic Indian Spa and massages, Spa and ancestral massages passed down from generation to generation. ritual)


Professional lymphatic drainage in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(technique to activate the lymph nodes of the body to purify and eliminate toxins in a natural way accelerating the body’s metabolism).


Professional Californian Spa and massages in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Classic US natural Californian Spa and massages, relaxing Spa and massages inspired by the rolling of the waves of the sea).


Lomi Spa and massages – Professional Lomi in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Natural Hawaiian Spa and Massage, Traditional Native Hawaiian Spa and Massage, passed down from generation to generation used to heal loved ones).


Professional four hands spa and massage in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Spa and massages performed by two masseuses at the same time in a synchronised manner).

Four hands massage Marbella


Professional Japanese spa and facial massage in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Natural facial treatment from Japan to tighten and rejuvenate the face).


Professional body radiofrequency in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Body treatments to eliminate cellulite, reduce and purify areas of the body such as buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs).


Professional facial radiofrequency in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Aesthetic treatment to treat the dermis on a regular basis, collagen regenerator and visible and noticeable results from the first session).


Professional diamond tip dermabrasion in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Deep facial cleansing. Adsorption treatment to achieve a deep cleansing).


Professional hyaluronic acid facial in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Facial treatment based on hyaluronic acid gels to renew the state of the skin).

with hyaluronic acid

with hyaluronic acid



Energetic Spa ritual and massages (qualified shamans) in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Spa experience and energetic massages, to connect with your essence and personal balance, guided experience).


Professional Yoga teachers at home in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Yoga classes at home for groups in Marbella led by a qualified teacher).


Professional Pilates in Tarifa, Cadiz.

(Pilates classes for groups in Tarifa, Cadiz, classes taught by first class professionals in Tarifa, Cadiz).


Couple massage at home in Marbella


Full Vitality Spa offers all these professional Spa and massage services in Tarifa, Cadiz in hotels, villas, hotels, residences book wherever and whenever you want. The best professional team available for you in Tarifa, Cadiz.

How can I book Spa and professional massages in Tarifa, Cadiz?

You can book directly on our website:

You can book directly on our whapp +34 610988956

How far in advance do you need to book a professional spa and massage in Tarifa, Cadiz?

We can organise a team in less than two hours notice.

How many people can I book for, is there a limit to how many people I can book for a professional spa and massage in Tarifa, Cadiz?

We can offer up to 50 treatments at the same time for special events and groups in Tarifa, Cadiz.


Areas of Tarifa where I can book Spa and massages:

Book Spa and massages in Paseo de la Alameda: The locals say that in Tarifa there are two promenades where everyone comes and gathers to celebrate anything that concerns the town.

Book Spa and massages at El Miramar in Tarifa: I will always remember the nights of my adolescence when the levante was strong and the waves played their games in the sea.

Book Spa and massages in Calle San Francisco: An area of bars and shops in the old town of Tarifa.

Book Spa and massages in Calle de Guzmán el Bueno: Beautiful street that connects the port area with the old town. After our visit to the castle of the same name, we enter it.

Spa and massage booking in Calle de Sancho IV El Bravo: Main artery of the town of Tarifa. We enjoyed walking along it and discovering most of the places of interest in the centre.


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