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The best massages in the world available in Estepona from 15th June.
Full Vitality Spa opens its doors in Estepona thanks to the Hotel Pilar Andalucía of the Silken chain.

Both companies reached a collaboration agreement to offer the best services of Full Vitality Spa in the centre of Estepona.
Would you like to know what surprises Full Vitality Spa and Hotel Pilar Anadalucía have in store for you?
Naturally, the Full Vitality Spa chain will offer you in Estepona its renowned World Massage menu plus an exclusive selection of facial treatments and the most surprising rituals you can imagine. Selected exclusively for Estepona.


The best massages in the world in Estepona.

Classic Swedish Massage in Estepona.

From Full Vitality Spa we pay tribute to Pehr Henrik Ling, creator of the Swedish massage, performing it in a primitive way respecting the original methodology of passes and manipulations, as he prescribed them between 1804 and 1813, do you dare to try a massage 200 years old? We offer you the most widespread and recognized massage in the world but performed in the most traditional and respectful way based on its founder, you can not miss it.

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Masaje Benalmádena.


The relaxing massage in Estepona.

The Full Vitality Spa relaxing massage is a gentle massage with sedative passes and relaxing manipulations with the aim of leading the client to a state of nirvana where they can deeply disconnect from their daily chores. In order to offer a good relaxing massage, it is essential to prepare the environment, dim lighting and activate the olfactory bulb with pleasant and relaxing essences. The work area in which we usually carry out this practice will be on a massage table and with appropriate music for the purpose. All these elements are of vital importance, but fundamentally the key to harmony is the therapist. The professional who is to perform this massage must be in a state of harmony and balance in order to transmit a state of calm and deep relaxation to the client through his or her hands. It is recommended that the client arrives a little earlier at the service destination in order to enter into the appropriate atmosphere before the service is performed.

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Home massage relaxing


Sports Massage in Estepona.

The Full Vitality Spa sports massage is a deep tissue massage based on the Swedish massage but designed and focused exclusively to care for, protect and prepare the muscle tissues when performing a physical activity to prevent injuries, maintain physical tone, recover, give greater range of mobility and improve the athlete’s performance.
It is a massage focused and aimed at sportsmen and women with regular physical activity.
To start, maintain or prepare for a competition or activity that subjects the body to superior physical conditions.
Any regular physical activity requires a regular sports massage to maintain, recover or prevent possible injuries.

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Sport Massage Home


Thai massage in Estepona.

We can define the Thai massage at Full Vitality Spa in a quick and easy way, as an assisted yoga class where the therapist will do the movements for you. Passive and harmonious yoga. The therapist will exert pressure and stretching always controlled to create in the client a sensation between pleasant and painful, achieving a balance throughout the massage.
As you can see it is not a relaxing massage, it is a massage full of activity and benefits.

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thai massage home


Reflexology in Estepona.

Reflexotherapy or Reflexology at Full Vitality Spa is a natural technique based on the existence of reflex points in different parts of the body: feet, hands, ears… which correspond to the organs and glands of the organism. At Full Vitality Spa we have great professionals in the field of oriental techniques.

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Reflexology home service


Our special massage, Aromas of Alexandria

Aromas of Alexandria is a special 90-minute massage. Massage specially indicated for deep relaxation with scented oils and sedative passes with the main objective of total disconnection. Massage on the whole body with main attention to the head for absolute relaxation and peace. A unique experience.

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Especial relaxing home massage


Californian Massage or Lomi – Lomi massage in Estepona.

The Californian massage of Full Vitality Spa is a relaxation massage technique with long, fluid and harmonious movements, with effleurages and with pressures that glide over the perfumed oils.

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Masaje pareja domicilio


Lomi Massage – Lomi Estepona.

This massage is known all over the world as the massage of joy. The massage to feel good. From the origins of the ancient Polynesian culture this joyful massage was passed down from father to son as a healing art.
What are the steps that make this massage different from others?
We can define it as the massage of flowing, long and sensitive passes, the whole massage wrapped in a dance, can feel the ancestors of Polynesia, esoteric and mystical sensations in this ritual to the body. The passes are like a consecutive wave introducing hands, fingers, thumbs and knuckles.
But the most characteristic and representative technique is the sliding of the forearms.
At Full Vitality Spa we have holistic therapists who develop this technique with true mastery.

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Couple massage at the same time


4 Hands Massage in Estepona.

Four Hands Massage from Full Vitality Spa. Our exclusive four hands massage is an authentic experience. You must feel the pleasure of receiving a four hands massage by Full Vitality Spa’s synchronized professionals, you will not be indifferent.

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Four hand Massage Marbella


Facial Treatments in Estepona.

Microdermabrasion with diamond tip.

Discover our treatment to provide luminosity and hydration to our skin, eliminating impurities with the diamond tip and stimulating with radiofrequency the creation of collagen and elastin, helping to recover the skin’s firmness and luminosity lost due to ageing and sun damage.

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Radiofrecuencia Facial a domicilio


Estepona facial radiofrequency.

Treatment to combat flaccidity, wrinkles and blemishes.
It is designed for women and men who over time have lost density in the skin, which causes flaccidity and wrinkles.
The result is that in a short time you will achieve the regeneration of a softer, smoother and revitalised skin.

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Facial de Micro dermoabrasión con Punta de diamante


Japanese Facial Estepona.

The ancient way of beauty. The favourite treatment of the Japanese empresses, the famous porcelain face. Today it is a renewed technique, ideal for those who are looking to take a few years off without going under the knife.

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Japanese Facial Estepona

The ancient way of beauty. The favourite treatment of the Japanese empresses, the famous porcelain face. Today it is a renewed technique, ideal for those who are looking to take a few years off without going under the knife.

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Tratamientos de belleza en Marbella


Special rituals


1.Classic Andalusian Hammam Istibuna XIV Century

Would you like to live the experience of a classic 14th century Andalusian Hammam?

When it came to this treatment we had a clear concept, we wanted to use the same products and techniques of the first Hammam to achieve a unique experience combining tradition and culture plus a complete exfoliation, an opportunity to experience a ritual more than 1200 years old in the most authentic way. Ideal for a couple.

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hammam Full Vitality Spa


2. Wine wrap ritual immersed in the Alboran Sea for 3 months.

Tradition and land full of benefits, we have elaborated this exclusive treatment that you can only receive in Estepona.

We have prepared a wrap with Estepona wine, where you can taste, taste and feel in your body in the form of clays. Feel the properties of Estepona wine with all your senses. Ideal to live this experience as a couple.


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Masaje Sotogrande Cadiz


3. Queen of Egypt Ritual.

Queen of Egypt Ritual, this Alqvimia Beauty Ritual made with salts and mud from the Dead Sea, with exotic fragrances and soft hints of incense, myrrh and petitgrain, will rejuvenate your skin while enveloping you in a sensation of harmony, fascination and beauty that will make you feel like a true Queen.

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Tratamiento facial Estepona


4. Detox ritual (exfoliation + moisturising)

A body scrub will remove old and dead skin cells to reveal fresh and youthful skin + a moisturising massage to leave your skin perfectly regenerated after exfoliation.

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exfoliacion completa masaje corporal


Experiences Couples


1.Half Moon Experience in Estepona.

Relaxing Half Moon Massage for couples 55 Min. + Private Jacuzzi 55 Min (Cava, fruits, Belgian chocolate.)

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2. Crescent Moon Experience in Estepona.

Relaxing Crescent Moon Massage for couples 55 Min. + Private Jacuzzi 55 Min (Cava, fruits, Belgian chocolate.) Dinner at hotel Pilar. (optional)

Crescent Moon Experience Booking

3. Full Moon Experience in Estepona.

Special Aromas of Alexandria Massage 90 Min. + Private Jacuzzi 55 Min (Cava, fruits, Belgian chocolate.)

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Jacuzzi Sierra Nevada Granada


These are some of the treatments that Full Vitality Spa has prepared for you in Estepona.

Ask at reception for our weekly treatments.


Are you ready to live the Full Vitality Spa Estepona experience? We are looking forward to welcome you in our facilities and to transport you to our universe of sensations.



We are located at :

Plaza de las Flores, Nº 12, 29680 Estepona, Málaga

Telephone: 952 80 21 94 +34 610988956



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