Servicio de masaje a domicilio- home massage service

Home Service Massage

Massage at your home and your hotel


No need to go to a spa or a massage centre, with the Home Service of Full Vitality we will bring you home to the best therapists.

Enjoy a delicious massage without leaving your own home. Choose one of our specialized therapists and move to your place of residence when you request it.

swedish massage at home

Swedish Massage at home

This massage is designed to induce the client in a deep sense of relaxation by applying oil with soft and deep pastes throughout the body with special attention on the head and feet. Very indicated to disconnect and relax deeply. 

60 min. 120€

90 min. 180€

deep tissue massage - masaje tejido profundo

Deep tissue Massage at home

This massage is a massage with deep pressure and at the same time relaxing. This combination of relaxing massage and Sport is a formidable combination. it starts with relaxation and increases the pressure, stopping at contractures and working on them with force and pressure until it progressively returns to a state of relaxation.

60 min. 132€

90 min. 204€

Sport massage at home

Sport Massage at home

Sports massage is the massage technique that most appreciates and values ​​the athlete. The difference is born at the moment when the activity of the sport is carried out and when it is applied according to the objectives that we are looking for.

60 min. 144€

90 min. 216€

Reflexology massage at home

Reflexology at home

Reflexology is a natural technique based on the existence of reflex points in different parts of the body: feet, hands, ears … which correspond to the organs and glands of the body.

60 min. 120€

90 min. 180€

relaxing massage at home

Relaxing Massage at home

This massage is designed to induce the client in a deep sensation of relaxation by applying oil with soft and deep passes throughout the body with special attention on the head and feet. Very indicated to disconnect and relax deeply.

60 min. 120€

Massage especial relaxing home

Alexandria’s Aroma Massage Relaxing at home

Massage especially indicated for deep relaxation with perfumed oils and sedative passes with the main objective of total disconnection. Massage throughout the body with main attention to the head for the most absolute relaxation and peace. A unique experience.

90 min. 180€

Shiatsu at home

Shiatsu at home

The word Shiatsu can be broken down into SHI, which means thumb, and TSU, which means pressure. So, with thumb pressures at different points we give energy and balance to our body.

60 min. 144€

90 min. 216€

Thai massage at home

Thai Massage at home

Thai massage, also known as Yoga-Thai, is a passive yoga developed in Thailand with strong influences from the traditions of India, its neighboring country. Use passive stretching combined with pressure on the muscles to be treated.

60 min. 144€

90 min. 216€

californian massage at home

Californian Massage at home

The Californian massage is a relaxation massage technique with long, fluid and harmonious movements, with efleurages and with the pressures that glide over the scented oils.

60 min. 120€

90 min. 180€

Massage for pregnant women in Marbella

Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage at home

Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is a specific type of massage that is highly recommended for all pregnant women. It basically consists of working the different areas of the body, excluding the abdomen, which may have some discomfort and/or ailment associated with the progress of pregnancy.

60 min. 132€

90 min. 204€

four-hand massage at home

Four Hands Massage at Home

Four Hands Massage. Exclusive four-hand massage. you must experience the pleasure of receiving a synchronized four-man massage by professionals.

60 min. 300€

90 min. 450€

couple's massage at home

simultaneous couple massage at home

simultaneous couple massage. receive massage at the same time for two or more people.

60 min. 240€

japanese facelift at home

Massage Facial lifting at home

LIFTIG Japonese. it releases muscular tension, reduces flaccidity, increases liminosidad, good complement against migraine and headache

60 min. 132 €

radiofrequency at home

Radiofrequency Facial at home

Treatment to combat sagging, wrinkles and spots. It is designed for women and men who over time have lost density in the skin, which causes sagging and wrinkles. The result is that in a short time you will achieve the regeneration of a softer, smoother and revitalized skin.

60 min. 156 €

Body radiofrequency at home Marbella. Reducing massage at home in Marbella.

Reducing and Firming Massage with Radiofrequency at home

Reduces body fat, activates skin collagen, cell recovery, firming. We perform the treatment at your home.

60 min. 144 €

Wood therapy at home

Wood therapy at home

Wood therapy consists of applying a massage using different wooden utensils designed to balance the patient’s energy, firm and tone the body, and fight cellulite.

60 min. 144 €

90 min. 216 €

home body exfoliation

Full exfoliation + Body massage at home

Full body exfoliation treatment plus a 20 minute post exfoliation moisturizing massage.

60 min. 136 €

90 min. 216 €

Ayurveda massage at home

Ayurveda Massage at home

To give an Ayurveda massage, hands, feet, elbows, forearms and spheres are used. The movements are similar to those of a traditional massage, but this method seeks to provide a specific experience for each dosha.

60 min. 144€

90 min. 216€

diamond tip microabrasion at home

The Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial at home

A peeling with which you will eliminate spots, reduce expression lines and small facial scars. It is also the best way to reduce facial fat.
In addition, thanks to the Japanese kobido massage treatment, you will obtain the results of a natural lifting

60 min. 180 €

Ampoule with hyaluronic acid

Facial hyaluronic acid ampoules at home

Prolonged hydration, improves the lipid barrier, increases resilience, smoothes skin tone, smooths texture, reduces wrinkles, stimulates skin regeneration and pigmentation. Brightness and clarity.

60 min. 156 €

salicytic acid facial reservation at home

Salicytic Acid Facial at home

Prolonged cleansing, improves lipid barrier, increases resilience, reduces puffiness, eliminates acne, stimulates skin regeneration and pigmentation, brightens and clarifies.

60 min. 156 €

Lomi - lomi at home

Lomi- Lomi at home

Lomi Lomi is known worldwide as Hawaiian Massage; this ancient massage system has its origins in the ancient healing arts of Polynesia.

60 min. 124 €

90 min. 180 €

Hot stones at homes Marbella

Hot Stone Massage at home

Hot Stone Massage is a relaxing therapy of oriental origin that works not only on the physical plane but also on the mental one, as it helps to relax muscular tensions and to achieve a perfect energetic balance.

60 Min 180 €.

90 Min 240 €.

Lymphatic drainage at home

Lymphatic drainage at home

Lymphatic drainage at home.
liquid absorption

60 min. 144 €

0 min. 216 €

Acido Madelico at home

Mandelic acid peel at home

Facial treatment, Mandelic acid is a hydroxy acid derived from an extract of bitter almonds.

60 min. 180 €

Yoga at home - Yoga a domicilio

Yoga at home

Yoga classes at home. Private and group yoga classes at home.

60 min. 124 €

Masajes para grupos

Group Massage

Group massages, would you like to incorporate massages into your group vacations? With Full Vitality Homes it is possible. Select day, number, type of massage and we will prepare your special massage day.


Dermapen o microneedling Marbella

Dermapen o microneedling at home

Facial rejuvenation treatments, expression lines, removal of fine wrinkles, reduction of deep wrinkles, correction of hyperpigmentation or melasma. Removal of surgical scars. Elimination of acne marks. Sun and age spots.

60 min.( CONSULT )

Lifting de pestañas en Marbella a domicilio

Eyelash Lift at home

The Full Vitality Spa Eyelash Lift is a treatment that lengthens and creates a slight upward curve in a natural and lasting way, achieving greater length and thickness. For those of you who have medium or long but straight or unshaped eyelashes, and want to achieve a natural result

60 min.( Consult ) €

Micropigmentación en Marbella


Micropigmentation is a technique to improve facial and body areas using semi-permanent micropigments where we cover imperfections and fill in and reconstruct eyebrows, lips, eyes, etc.

( consult )

Microblading de cejas Marbella

Microblading at home

We can explicitly say that microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique, where hair is drawn hair by hair, which will allow you to show off perfect and natural eyebrows, designed according to the shape of your face, fashions or preferences. It is no longer necessary to apply make-up every day, microblading every 4 months and look divine at all times.

( consult )

Manicura y pedicura a domicilio

Manicure and Pedicure service at home

regular manicure 100 €
Regular Pedicure 100 €
regular Manicure – Pedicure ( 100 € – 150 € )
permanent manicure 125 €
Permanent Pedicure 125 €
Permanent Manicure – Pedicure ( 150 – 200 € )

60 min. 124 €

Professional make-up at home

Professional make-up at home

Professional make-up at home
Professional make-up for weddings at home
Professional make-up for events at home
Professional make-up for parties at home
Professional make-up for halloween at home

. 124 € * hrs.


Areas where we provide home service massages

· Andalucía ·

Home Service Massage Málaga 


Puerto Banús







Málaga capital


Nueva Andalucia


Home Service Massage Cádiz 



Campo de Gibraltar



Puerto de la Duquesa

Zahara de los Atunes


Home Service Massage Granada 

Granada centro

Sierra Nevada


Home Service Massage Sevilla 

Sevilla centro


· Madrid ·

· Barcelona ·


Home Service Massage Madrid 

Las rozas
Boadilla del monte
El Pardo
Barrio de Salamanca
San Blas
Centro Madrid


Home Service Massage Barcelona 

La Bordeta. /  La Font de la Guatlla.

Hostafrancs.   /  La Marina de Port.

La Marina del Prat Vermell.   /  El Poble-sec.

Sants.   /    Sants-Badal.

Montjuïc.    /  Zona Franca – Port.

les Corts.    /  la Maternitat i Sant Ramon.  

   PedralbesEl Putget i Farró.    /    Sarrià.

Sant Gervasi – la Bonanova.

Sant Gervasi – Galvay.     /    les Tres Torres.

Vallvidrera.    /    Tibidabo i les PlanesVila de Gràcia.

El Camp d’en Grassot i Gràcia Nova.  /  La Salut.  

El Coll.       /    Vallcarca i els Penitents. 

El Baix Guinardó.   /    El Guinardó. 

Can Baró   /    El Carmel.

la Font d’en Fargues.    /  Horta.

La Clota.  /  Montbau.

Sant Genís dels Agudells.   /   la Teixonera.

La Vall d’Hebron.    /    Can Peguera.

Canyelles.    /    Ciutat Meridiana.

La Guineueta.   /   Porta.

La Prosperitat.   /   les Roquetes.

Torre Baró.   /   La Trinitat Nova.

El Turó de la Peira.   /   Vallbona.

Verdum.   /   Vilapicina i la Torre LlobetaBaró de Viver.

Bon Pastor.   /   El Congrés i els Indians.

Navas.   /   Sant Andreu de Palomar.

La Sagrera i Trinitat VellaEl Besòs i el Maresme.   /   El Clot.

El Camp de l’Arpa del Clot.   /    Diagonal Mar i el Front Marítim del Poblenou.

El Parc i la Llacuna del Poblenou.   /   Poblenou.

Provençals del Poblenou.    /    Sant Martí de Provençals.

La Verneda i la Pau.    /     La Vila Olímpica del PoblenouL’Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample.

La Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample.   /    Dreta de l’Eixample.

Fort Pienc.   /  Sagrada Família.

Sant AntoniLa Barceloneta.   /  El Gòtic.

El Raval.   /   Sant Pere.

Santa Caterina i la Ribera.


Home Service Massage Ibiza 

Dalt Vila

La Marina


Playa d’en Bossa

San Antonio

Cala Comte 

 Cala Salada

Cala Bassa

Cala Jondal

Es Cavallet



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