Home Massage Madrid

Home massage Madrid

Home massage Madrid


Full Vitality Spa, arrives in Madrid
The best home massage service is now available in the capital of Spain.


What treatments does HOME MASSAGE MADRID offer?

Home massage service from Full Vitality Spa has prepared this wonderful massage menu for Madrid.


1 The Classic Swedish Massage.

Home massage swedish

This massage is designed to induce the client into a deep sensation of relaxation by applying oil with soft and deep strokes throughout the body with special attention to the head and feet. Very suitable to disconnect and relax deeply. One of the star massages for Madrid.

swedish Massage Home Madrid


2 Relaxing Aromas Massage.

Home massage relaxing

This massage is designed to induce the client into a deep sensation of relaxation by applying oil with soft and deep strokes throughout the body with special attention to the head and feet. Very suitable to disconnect and relax deeply. Create your parenthesis in Madrid, your most relaxing moment with your Madrid home service.

Relaxing massage home Madrid


3 Sport Massage .

Sport Massage Home

Sports massage is the massage technique that the athlete appreciates and values the most. The difference arises when the sport activity is carried out and when it is applied according to the objectives we are looking for. Do you have an intense rhythm of training? You already have your sports massage home service for you in Madrid.

Sport Massage home Madrid


4 Chinese Reflexology.

Reflexology home service

Reflexotherapy or Reflexology is a natural technique based on the existence of reflex points in different parts of the body: feet, hands, ears … which correspond to the organs and glands of the body. Receive the best reflexology in Madrid without leaving home.

Reflexology massage home


5 Thai Masaje.

thai massage home

Thai massage, also known as Yoga-Thai, is a passive yoga developed in Thailand with strong influences from the traditions of India, its neighboring country. Use passive stretching combined with pressure on the muscles to be treated. Your best Thai massage at home in Madrid for you.

Thai massage home Madrid


6 Special Full Vitality Spa Massage 90 minutes.

Especial relaxing home massage

Massage especially indicated for deep relaxation with scented oils and sedative passes with the main objective of total disconnection. Full body massage with main attention to the head for the most absolute relaxation and peace. A unique experience. It is time for the community of Madrid to receive the special Full Vitality Spa massage.

Especial Massage Full Vitality Spa Madrid


7 Simultaneous massage for couples.

Couple massage at the same time

Simultaneous massage for couples. Ask for a massage for two or more people at the same time. Full Vitality Spa offers you the possibility of choosing a simultaneous massage at home.

Simultaneous massage for couples Home Madrid


8 Massage for groups and events.

group massage

Group massages, Would you like to add massages to your group vacations? With Full Vitality Homes it is possible. Select day, number, type of massage and we will prepare your special massage day. at your office, hotel. surprise your clients or guests with a fantastic massage at home in Madrid.
Service available throughout Spain

budget for groups


How can I book my massage at home in Madrid?

The home service of Full Vitality Spa. Too easy. You can make the reservation directly through our platform.

Home Massage Service

Select type of massage, day and time of service.
At all times you will have a WhatsApp button at your disposal to answer any questions.


What areas of Madrid will have the Full Vitality Spa home massage service?

The initial service of Full Vitality Spa home massage Madrid will be in the following districts.

Fuencarral – El Pardo
El Pardo, Fuentelareina, Peñagrande, Pilar, La Paz, Valverde, Mirasierra, El Goloso.
Moncloa – Aravaca
Casa de Campo, Argüelles, Ciudad Universitaria, Valdezarza, Valdemarín, El Plantío, Aravaca.
Bellas Vistas, Cuatro Caminos, Castillejos, Almenara, Valdeacederas, Berruguete.
Palomas, Piovera, Canillas, Pinar del Rey, Apostol Santiago, Valdefuentes.
El Viso, Prosperidad, Ciudad Jardín, Hispanoamérica, Nueva España, Castilla.
Ciudad Lineal
Ventas, Pueblo Nuevo, Quintana, Concepción, San Pascual, San Juan Bautista, Colina, Atalaya, Costillares.
Gaztambide, Arapiles, Trafalgar, Almagro, Rios Rosas, Vallehermoso.
Barrio de Salamanca.
Recoletos, Goya, Fuente del Berro, Guindalera, Lista, Castellana.
San Blas
Simancas, Hellín, Amposta, Arcos, Rosas, Rejas, Canillejas, Salvador
Alameda de Osuna,Aeropuerto, Casco Histórico de Barajas, Timón, Corralejos.
Palacio, Embajadores, Cortes, Justicia, Universidad, Sol.
Pacífico, Adelfas, Estrella, Ibiza, Jerónimos, Niño Jesus.
Imperial,Acacias, Chopera, Legazpi, Delicias, Palos de Moguer, Atocha.
Pavones, Horcajo, Marroquina, Media Legua, Fontarrón, Vinateros.
Villaverde Alto, Casco Histórico de Villaverde, San Cristóbal, Butarque, Los Rosales, Los Ángeles.
Orcasitas, Orcasur, San Fermín, Almendrales, Moscardó, Zofío, Pradolongo
Cármenes, Puerta del Angel, Lucero, Aluche, Campamento, Cuatro Vientos, Águilas.
Comillas, Opañel, San Isidro, Vista Alegre, Puerta Bonita, Buenavista, Abrantes.
Casco histórico de Vicálvaro, Valdebernardo, Valderrivas,  El Cañaveral.
Puente de Vallecas
Entrevías, San Diego, Palomeras Bajas, Palomeras Sureste, Portazgo, Numancia.
Villa de Vallecas
Casco Histórico de Vallecas, Santa Eugenia, Ensanche de Vallecas.

You can hire and reserve our massage services at home in your hotel, villas or habitual residence.

All our therapists have a stretcher, oils, towels and everything necessary to perform a service in the highest quality.

Every day of the year from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.



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