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Everything you need to know about Hammam, in this post from Full Vitality Spa we solve all your doubts.

Where can I receive a good Hammam in Andalusia?
What exactly is a Hammam?
How long should a hammam last?
Origin of the hammam?
Hammam benefits?



The first thing we should know is what exactly a hammam is and what it consists of.

It is a steam bath, accompanied by cleansing the body and general relaxation.
Then we will go into detail about its origins and traditions. Now let’s focus on today.


What should I find when booking a Hammam today?

If you book a Hammam, you should know that you are going to receive a complete exfoliation of your body in a traditional and artisanal way based on scrubs with a kessa glove.
For this process, you will first have to prepare the skin and you should be in the sauna for the time stipulated by the therapist so that the exfoliation process is as successful and complete as possible.
The scrubs are usually performed on a tempered marble stone to keep the heat in the body. It is not painful but it can be annoying in some areas.
Once the exfoliation is properly done, your body is rinsed with the traditional foam bath, (a truly pleasant and very comforting experience)
Once the foam wash is finished, you will be escorted to a shower area where any remaining residue is rinsed off.
It depends on the Hammam, a moisturizing cream will be applied to nourish the skin after the aggression.



Where can I receive a good Hammam in Andalusia?

Andalusia is the cradle of this Arab and Roman culture. When choosing a good Hammam you have several highly recommended options, especially if you are a lover of historic places such as the restored and currently active Hammam of Córdoba, Jaén, Seville or Granada. For our part, Full Vitality Spa has prepared the following for you:
When it came to this treatment we had a clear concept, we wanted to get the same products and techniques of the first Hammam to achieve a unique experience and apart from receiving a complete exfoliation I could live a ritual with more than 1200 years old in the most true.
With this premise we got to work and today we can offer in the following locations:
Hammam Tarifa, Cadiz
Hammam Estepona, Malaga
Hammam Sierra Nevada, Granada
The classic hammam most similar to the original ones from Andalusia.


How do we do the Hammam at Full Vitality Spa?

Our Andalusí hammam experience consists of a welcome with tea and classic Arabic pastries with a recipe that is more than 1500 years old.
We go to a room where you can leave your belongings and a pestemal (towel of Turkish origin) will be offered to start the ritual in the most classic and rigorous way possible.
Our therapists will conduct a study of your skin type to select the sauna time to open the pores and prepare the skin for exfoliation.
Once the skin is hydrated and the pore is sufficiently dilated, we will go to the scrub room, where our therapists, trained by professionals from Morocco, will perform the exfoliation in a more classic and traditional way.
At the end of the exfoliation, we lend the Turkish his traditional foam bath, to induce the client into a deep relaxation while receiving one of the most appreciated baths in the world.
After rinsing, a moisturizing cream with Arabic essences will be applied and we will conclude the best Hammam treatment that you can experience in Andalusia.

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How long should a Hammam last?

The entire process should not exceed 1 hour. Between taking steam for about 15-20 minutes, exfoliating for 20-25 minutes, and lather scrubbing for 15-20 minutes.



Benefits of the Hammam?

– Regulates the heart rate and respiration and stimulates the nervous system.
– Eliminates toxins and impurities from the body by opening pores and exfoliating.
– The skin is smooth and clean and nourished.
– Expectoration of the body.
– Decreases the feeling of stress, anxiety and depression.
– Eliminates acne and impurities from the skin.
– The experience is very rewarding for all the senses.



Origin of the hammam?

Historically the Hammams were located in the vicinity of the neighborhood mosques of the Medīna Andalusí. The relationship of the bath with the mosque is obvious and allows establishing an effective link between hammām or mosque, both conceived as institutions of a religious nature. This is the reason that explains the proximity of the baths with respect to the mosques.

Which was the first, it is difficult to specify, due to the similarity of the constructions but everything seems to indicate that the first is El Bañuelo de Granada, Spain.

In this post from Full Vitality Spa we talk more extensively about the origin of the Roman Thermas and the Arab baths and we take a tour of some of the oldest in the world. Origin Thermas of the Hammam


We hope from Full Vitality Spa that you enjoy this Post. It is a small journey through the wide world of wellness.

We remind you of all the Full Vitality Spa locations so you can enjoy a fantastic massage or live our Hammam experience.

We also remind you of our home delivery service throughout Andalusia.

Cádiz: Tarifa, Cádiz. Zahara de los tunas, Cádiz Sotogrande, Cádiz. Algeciras, Cádiz.

Malaga: Estepona, Malaga. Marbella, Malaga. Benahavis, Malaga. Puerto Banus, Malaga. Mijas, Malaga. Fuengirola Malaga. Torremolinos, Malaga. Benalmádena, Malaga. Malaga, Malaga. Victory corner. Malaga. Nerja, Malaga.

Granada: Granada center. Grenade. Sierra Nevada, Granada.

Madrid: Madrid Centro, Fuencarral, El pardo, Moncloa, Aravaca, Tetuán, Hortaleza, Chamartín, Ciudad Lineal, Barrio de Salamanca, San Blas, Barajas, Centro Madrid, Retiro, Arganzuela, Villaverde, Usera, Latina, Carabanchel, Vicálvaro, Majadahonda , Las Rozas, Boadilla del Monte.





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