Facial treatments at home in Marbella.

It is now possible to book the best facial treatments at home, with Full Vitality Spa. The leading wellness company in Marbella will offer urgent beauty services for the whole area of Marbella and surroundings.

When is it possible to book home beauty services in Marbella?

Full Vitality Spa, will offer facials and beauty services every day of the year from 9:00 until 21:00.
You can book just one hour in advance thanks to our urgent home delivery service in Marbella.


How can you book beauty services and facials at home in Marbella?

Very easy, you can book directly on our website, you have a constant telephone number and whapp to help you with your booking to get the most appropriate service for your needs.

Can you book home facials in Marbella for individuals and groups?

Of course, you will have as many professionals in your home as you need to offer the best service for you and your guests.

What types of facials can you book in Marbella?

Radiofrequency facial at home in Marbella.

Radiofrequency facial at home at Full Vitality Spa in Marbella is one of the most demanded treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine nowadays. A non-invasive and painless technique that stimulates blood circulation and increases collagen production.

Facial treatments at home in Marbella





Hyaluronic acid facial at home in Marbella.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural molecule produced by the human body. With age, hyaluronic acid reserves diminish. For example, at the age of 50 only 50% of the initial hyaluronic acid remains and as a consequence wrinkles appear and the skin becomes flaccid.
At Full Vitality Spa we offer it in ampoules and creams but it is very important that you know how to choose the one that best suits or adapts to your needs, before using them you must know how this molecule acts and how each treatment works.

with hyaluronic acid





Japanese facelift at home in Marbella.

The Japanese massage or facelift at Full Vitality Spa Marbella is a Japanese technique that produces a natural tightening effect on the skin without the need for aggressive methods or surgical interventions.
The Japanese facelift at Full Vitality Spa Marbella is a facial skin rejuvenation treatment using natural methods. The way it works is by making the skin look tighter and more vibrant, without the imperfections of wrinkles.

Facial home service Marbella




Diamond tip dermabrasion at home in Marbella.

Microdermabrasion with diamond tip at home in Marbella is an aesthetic medicine treatment that allows the regeneration and cleansing of the skin in record time. We explain everything you need to know about this effective facial treatment.
Having a luminous and rejuvenated face is not easy. Among the different types of facial regeneration treatments, diamond-tipped dermabrasion is one of the most effective.
At Full Vitality Spa, we dedicate this article to answer all the questions you should know if you are thinking of undergoing this type of treatment, known as one of the most innovative and effective techniques for a young, clean and flawless face.

facial dermabrasion with diamond tip at home in Marbella. deep cleansing facial at home Marbella




Body radiofrequency at home in Marbella.

Full Vitality Spa’s body radiofrequency is a type of energy and as such is measured in “frequency” or wavelength per second. All types of energy, from the sound waves emitted by your phone to sunlight, are classified according to their frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.
In the field of medicine, radiofrequency has been used for the last 75 years and specifically in aesthetic medicine, applying a range of approximately 450 kilohertz, beneficial aesthetic effects are achieved in a non-invasive way. We can consider that radiofrequency applied in aesthetics is quite innocuous and minimally invasive when the entire electromagnetic spectrum is considered.

Body radiofrequency at home Marbella. Reducing massage at home in Marbella.




Lymphatic drainage massage at home in Marbella (lymphatic drainage)

The lymphatic drainage massage at home or Lymphatic drainage at Full Vitality Spa consists of a slow and repetitive massage that follows the direction of the lymphatic vessels and stimulates the cleansing of the body. This is the main objective of lymphatic drainage. This massage is a technical massage and is used for the following cases:
In lower limbs swelling or inflammation
Patients with reduced mobility
during pregnancy.
Post-operative liposuction
Post-operative mammoplasty.
Post-operative liposculpture.
In case of varicose veins.
Anti-cellulite treatment.
If you suffer from premenstrual syndrome.
If you have hypertension.
In cases of tired legs with a tendency to swell.
If you suffer from episodes of anxiety and stress.
Oedema due to kidney or liver problems or joint deformities.
If you work long hours sitting down.
If you have fluid retention and tend to accumulate toxins.

Reducing massage at home in Marbella. Lymphatic drainage Marbella





Wood therapy at home in Marbella.

In recent years we have experienced the revolution of wood therapy, based on its notorious benefits in our body as a treatment against cellulite and faithful ally of the reducing massage with proven results and how could it be otherwise has become a star service in Full Vitality. Spa. This fantastic treatment is available individually and as a couple at home in Mabella.

Tratamiento anticelulítico a domicilio en Marbella




All this and much more available in your home with Full Vitality Spa.
We have the best professionals in the beauty and wellness sector in Marbella available to come to your home.
Book with quality, professionalism and guarantees.


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