What is the success of diamond tip dermabrasion?

What is the success of diamond tip dermabrasion?
The facial treatment of the moment.
Fading fashion or has it come to stay?

Do you want to know everything about this treatment that is revolutionizing the sector? In this post from Full Vitality Spa we solve all your doubts about diamond-tip dermabrasion.


What is diamond tip dermabrasion?

It is a regenerator and cleanser of the skin in express time. It is classified within non-invasive aesthetic treatments but its results are really outstanding.


How does diamond tip dermabrasion work?

It consists of a suction tool called Diamond Tip that removes all impurities from the skin immediately and satisfactorily. By sliding the diamond tip over the skin we achieve two fundamental objectives. Microcirculation stimulation and the extraction of dead cells and consequent cleansing of the skin. It is a mechanical exfoliation that renews and cleanses the entire surface of the skin. Another advantage of diamond-tip dermabrasion is precision with complicated areas such as the eye contour, mouth, and sensitive areas.


Benefits of Diamond Tip Dermabrasion?

1- Reactivator of skin microcirculation.

2- Revitalized, lucid and renewed appearance.

3- Cleans, reduces and oxygenates the pores.

4- Reduces acne, pimples and facial marks.

5- It is a good treatment to stabilize skin blemishes, slow their progress.

6- Lifting effect, corrects expression lines and wrinkles.

7- It is an ideal treatment to combine before hyaluronic acid or fast-absorbing facial treatments.

8- Considerably softens the skin in general.

9- Visible effects from the first session.


The success of this treatment is not a matter of fashions, diamond-tip dermabrasion has come to stay as it is a really effective treatment for deep cleansing, removing blackheads and impurities from the skin and adding the effect of rejuvenation. with a very high level of customer satisfaction. the success of this treatment is simply its short-term effects.



Can diamond tip dermabrasion be used on all skin types?

Another of the wonders of this tool is that it can be used on all skin types, even sensitive ones, and that we can control the intensity during the treatment process.



What are the skins that most demand diamond-tip dermabrasion?

1- It is an ideal treatment for oily skin, with spots, prone to acne, clogged pores or slight wrinkles.

2- It is also especially indicated to restore the luminosity of the skin.

3- Anti-aging, It is a treatment to see you a more youthful and luminous complexion, accompanied by other treatments such as facial lifting or hyaluronic acid, the results are really splendid.



Where can I receive diamond-tip dermabrasion treatment?

You can receive it wherever and whenever you want, since it is one of the treatments that the fvs home service platform has incorporated into its treatment menu. This means that we perform the treatment in your own home wherever and whenever you want in the hands of our best facial professionals.

You can have it delivered to your home here: Diamond-tipped dermabrasion at home

We can also offer you diamond-tip dermabrasion treatment in our centers in Tarifa, Cádiz. Sotogrande, Cádiz. Estepona, Malaga. Marbella, Malaga. Benalmádena, Malaga. Sierra Nevada, Granada.

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