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What does the Full Vitality Spa platform offer home massage service in Mijas, Malaga?

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Do you know the types of home massages available in Mijas, Malaga?


The Full Vitality Spa platform has prepared the most demanded massages in the world available for you in Mijas, Malaga.


1. Classic Swedish Massage at home Mijas.

At Full Vitality Spa we have developed the most complete Swedish massage based on classic concepts and with the original passes of this demanded service. You can select the intensity of the Swedish massage or you can be evaluated by our professionals in Marbella so that they can offer you tailor-made Swedish massages for you. You can get the original classic massage with the passes created by the celebrated Per Henrik Ling. Here.

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2. Relaxing massage at home Mijas.

The relaxing massage is a gentle massage of sedative passes and relaxed manipulations in order to lead the client to a state of nirvana where he can deeply disconnect from his daily chores. To offer a good relaxing massage, it is essential to condition the environment, dim lighting, activate the olfactory bulb with pleasant and relaxing essences.

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3. Sports Massage at home in Mijas.

Sports massage is a deep massage with the basis of Swedish massage but designed and focused exclusively on caring for, protecting and preparing muscle tissues at the time of physical activity to prevent injuries, maintain physical tone, recover, give a greater range of mobility and improve the athlete’s performance.
It is a focused massage aimed at athletes with regular physical activity.
To start, maintain or prepare for a competition or activity that subjects the body to superior physical conditions.
Any regular physical activity maintained requires a sports massage regularly to maintain, recover or prevent possible injuries.

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4. Reflexology at home in Mijas.

Reflexotherapy or Reflexology is a natural technique based on the existence of reflex points in different parts of the body: feet, hands, ears … which correspond to the organs and glands of the body. At the Mijas home service we present him in a 55-minute therapy where we go through feet, hands, head.

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5. Thai massage at home Mijas.

Thai massage, also known as Yoga-Thai, is a passive yoga developed in Thailand with strong influences from the traditions of India, its neighboring country. Use passive stretching combined with pressure on the muscles to be treated. You can order it now at home in Mijas.

Book Thai massage at home Mijas.


6. Lomi – lomi massage at home Mijas.

This massage is known throughout the world as the massage of joy. The massage to feel good. From the origins of the ancient Polynesian culture this joyous massage was passed down from father to son as healing arts.
We can define it as the massage of flow, long and sensitive passes, all the massage wrapped in a dance, the ancestors of Polynesia can feel, esoteric and mystical sensations in this ritual to the body. The passes are like a consecutive wave introducing hands, fingers, thumbs and knuckles.
But the most characteristic and representative technique is the sliding of the forearms.

Reserve Lomi – Lomi at home in Mijas.

7. Californian massage at home Mijas.

The Californian massage is a relaxation massage technique with long, fluid and harmonious movements, with efleurages and with the pressures that glide over the scented oils. We bring you the most popular massage on the east coast of the United States to Mijas.

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8. Shiatsu massage at home Mijas.

The word Shiatsu can be broken down into SHI, which means thumb, and TSU, which means pressure. Thus, with pressures of the thumb at different points we give energy and balance to our body. This Japanese massage based on Chinese medicine is a true delight for the senses, you can now book Shiatsu at home in Mijas.

Book Shiatsu at home in Mijas here.


9. Four-hand massage at home in Mijas.

Four Hands Massage. Exclusive four-hand massage for Mijas. you should experience the pleasure of receiving a synchronized four-man massage by professionals.

Book a four-hand home massage in Mijas here


10. Japanese Facial Massage at home Mijas.

Japanese Facelift, releases tension, reduces flaccidity, increases luminosity, is a good complement against migraine headaches and headaches. You already have this millenary massage at home in Mijas.

Book Japanese facial massage at home in Mijas.


11. Body radiofrequency at home Mijas.

Body radiofrequency is a painless, non-invasive aesthetic treatment without side effects that helps to improve and effectively avoid unsightly problems such as orange peel, cellulite and flaccidity resulting from weight changes, age or poor diet. .

Reserve Body Radiofrequency at home here


12. Facial radiofrequency at home Mijas.

Treatment to combat sagging, wrinkles and blemishes. It is designed for women and men who over time have lost density in the skin, which causes sagging and wrinkles. The result is that in a short time you will achieve the regeneration of a softer, smoother and revitalized skin.

Reserve facial radiofrequency at home in Mijas here


13. Microdermabrasion with diamond tip at home in Mijas.

A peeling with which you will eliminate spots, reduce expression lines and small facial scars. It is also the best way to reduce facial fat.
In addition, thanks to the Japanese facial massage treatment, you will obtain the results of a natural lifting.

Book Mijas Diamond Tip Facial Microdermabrasion here


14. Facial treatment with hyaluronic acid in Mijas.

Prolonged hydration, improves the lipid barrier, increases resilience, smoothes skin tone, smooths texture, reduces wrinkles, stimulates skin regeneration and pigmentation. Brightness and clarity.

Book Facial treatment with hyaluronic acid in Mijas here


15. Wood therapy at home in Mijas.

Wood therapy consists of applying a massage using different wooden utensils specially designed to balance the patient’s energy, firm and tone the body, and combat cellulite.

Book Maderoterapia treatment at home in Mijas.

16. Specific treatment for athletes at home Mijas.


The specific treatment for athletes allows the provision of advice and the adaptation of rehabilitation in order to prevent injuries, restore optimal body function, and contribute to the improvement of sports performance.
Specific treatment for:

Specific treatment Mijas Golfers.

Specific Fitness Mijas treatment.

Runner Mijas specific treatment.

Specific treatment Hípica Mijas.

Specific treatment Tennis and Padel Mijas.

, Cupping, kinesiotape.

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17. Osteopathy at home in Mijas.

Structural osteopathy in Mijas. Structural osteopathy is concentrated in the locomotor system, in our musculoskeletal structure, in the joints. This specialty treats muscle injuries, such as contractures, ankle sprains, or shoulder tendonitis.
Visceral osteopathy in. Visceral osteopathy focuses its attention, fundamentally, on treating diseases and ailments of the gastrointestinal, urogenital and respiratory systems. Among others, we can talk about the problems related to the pelvic floor and endometriosis, in women; irritable bowel syndrome; kidney malfunction in patients suffering from low back pain; or the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis or pneumonia.
Cranial osteopathy in Mijas. The bones of the skull are linked together by peculiar fibrous joints, the cranial sutures, which move almost imperceptibly. This means that, although it is somewhat strange, our skull is elastic. Based on this fact, cranial osteopathy carries out the evaluation and treatment of different dysfunctionalities associated with the bones of the skull, affecting sutural mobility.

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In which areas of Mijas, can you book home delivery service in less than an hour?

We perform massage service in Mijas in the areas:

Rivera del sol, Mijas. 29649

Calahonda, Mijas. 29649

La Laguna, Mijas. 29640

The cove of Mijas, Mijas 29649

Calaburra, Mijas 29649

Chaparral, Mijas. 29651

Mijas town, Mijas. 29650

Campo de Mijas, Mijas. 29651

Mijas Golf, Mijas. 29650

La cala Golf, Mijas 29649.

Los Rios, Mijas. 29649.

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Reserva Masaje a domicilio en Mijas, Málaga

Reserva Masaje a domicilio en Mijas, Málaga

You can select the therapist who will come to your home

You can select the therapist who goes to your home, you can choose the therapist that best suits your needs. You can choose from 50 professionals available to you in Mijas. Malaga.


How I pay for my massage at home in Mijas.

You can pay by card at the end of the service.
You can pay by bizum
Express transfer

You can book your massage service at home at any hotel in Mijas.

You can book a massage service for groups and events.

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