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Book the classic Swedish massage in Seville.

The first option on our menu is the classic Swedish massage in Seville.
This is the most demanded massage in the world, the most requested. It consists of a full body oil massage in the direction of the blood circulation and the natural direction of the muscle fibres with the main intention of releasing muscle tension. A very complete massage.

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swedish massage at home



Booking Sports Massage Seville .

We wanted to include our sports massage in Seville, as it is one of the most demanded massages by our regular customers in the area. Most of our clients are golf players, we have enabled our sports massage in Nueva Andalucia with special attention to golf players.
This massage is especially recommended before and after intense physical activity. We have in our team first class professionals to deal with any type of muscular pathology derived from sporting activity.

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Sport massage at home



Book Reflexology in Seville.

Whether it is for the innumerable benefits that Chinese medicine produces on our body through pressure or for the mere pleasure of receiving a massage on the most sensitive areas of our body such as feet, hands and head, this massage is one of the most demanded in our menu. This treatment is highly recommended if you do not like the use of oils. It is a very effective way to live an authentic relaxing experience.

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Reflexology massage at home



Book Crescent Relaxing Massage in Seville.

How about disconnecting from this world for 55 minutes?
This massage is designed just to let go and relax deeply just for the pleasure of enjoying a magnificent relaxing massage in Nueva Andalucia. Marbella. You have no reason to book it other than to relax deeply without thinking about anything.

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relaxing massage at home



Book Aromas of Alexandria in Seville.

Our special relaxing massage, if you do not have enough with 55 min. we have elaborated for you this incredible massage of 90 min. where we include to the main corporal massage attention in head, feet and hands. an authentic disconnection. To this spectacular massage we include specially selected essences to induce the client in a state of complete nirvana. One of the massages we are most proud of at Full Vitality Spa.



Massage especial relaxing home



Book a four hands massage in Seville.

A unique experience, the sensation is unique, you must try this massage once in your life. You will be able to live the experience of two therapists offering a simultaneous massage on you. The double sensation of relief and relaxation causes a release of endorphins that will envelop you in a state of wellbeing during and after the massage.



four-hand massage at home



Book Californian Massage in Seville.

The Californian massage year after year is becoming more and more popular in our market on the Costa del Sol, the youngest massage of our menu with origins in the beaches of California, we could not resist to incorporate this massage in our menu because its passes in waves simulating the waves of the sea cause real peace and harmony on our customers. If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy this massage before we recommend it from Full Vitality Spa.



deep tissue massage - masaje tejido profundo



Lomi – Lomi Massage Reservation in Seville.

How about bringing Hawaii to Seville?
Respecting the culture of the island of Hawaii we have trained our team with native professionals where it is known that this massage is transmitted from parents to children. Respecting the original passes we present the Lomi- Lomi massage in Seville. As you have never been able to receive it, the authentic and traditional Lomi – lomi massage in Seville for you.

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Lomi - lomi at home



Book Shiatsu in Seville.

We bring you a little piece of Japan to Nueva Andalucia in Seville. Shiatsu is a pressure based massage that moves over your head on the energy points to release and heal.
Have a little contact with Shiatsu, understand the discipline of the technique and the skill of the Japanese culture in this treatment with more than 2000 years old.

Booking :

Shiatsu at home



Book Thai Massage in Seville.

I couldn’t leave out of this incredible selection of massages, the most well known massage in Asia, the Thai massage.
This massage based on deep pressure and stretching is a delight for lovers of hard massage and controlled pain. It is a massage out of the conventional and if you have not been lucky enough to try it yet we bring it to Seville by Full Vitality Spa.

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Thai massage at home



Book Ayurveda massage in Seville.

Ayurvedic massage is a traditional Indian massage. It is a massage technique based on Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It regulates emotional and physical energy. available in our centres and at home. also available for couples.


Ayurveda massage at home



Booking Japanese facelift Seville.

Reservation Japanese facelift, releases tensions, reduces flaccidity, increases luminosity, good complement against migraine and headaches. available in our centres and home service. available service in couple.

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japanese facelift at home



Booking Facial radiofrequency in Seville.

Treatment to combat flaccidity, wrinkles and spots. It is designed for women and men who with the passage of time have lost density in the skin, which causes flaccidity and wrinkles. The result is that in a short time you will achieve the regeneration of a softer, smoother and revitalised skin.
available in our centres and home services.
available as a couple.

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radiofrequency at home



Booking Reductive Massage in Seville ( Body Radiofrequency )

The reductive massage consists of the application of Radiofrequency and intense movements to mould the parts of the body that contain excess fat and liquids. This massage works on the areas with the greatest amount of fat in the body, provoking heat with special movements that help to dissolve the adipose tissue. Available in our centres and home service.

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Micro dermabrasion Facial Booking with diamond tip in Seville.

A peeling with which you will eliminate blemishes, reduce expression wrinkles and small facial scars. It is also the best way to reduce facial fat.
In addition, thanks to the Japanese facial massage treatment, you will obtain the results of a natural facelift. Available in our centres and at home.

Reservation : 


diamond tip microabrasion at home



Facial Reserve Hyaluronic Acid in Seville.

Prolonged hydration, improves the lipid barrier, increases resilience, smoothes the skin tone, softens the texture, reduces wrinkles, stimulates skin regeneration and pigmentation. Brightness and clarity.
Available in our centres and at home.

Reservation :


Ampoule with hyaluronic acid




Booking Maderoterapia in Seville.

Wood therapy consists of applying a massage using different wooden tools specially designed to balance the patient’s energy, reaffirm and tone the body and combat cellulite. Available in our centres and at home.

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Wood therapy at home



Booking Hot Stones in Seville.

Hot Stone Massage is a relaxing therapy of oriental origin that works not only on the physical plane but also on the mental one, as it helps to relax muscular tensions and to achieve a perfect energetic balance. Available in our centres and home service.

Reservation :


Hot stones at homes



Booking Lymphatic drainage in Seville.

Lymphatic drainage consists of a gentle and repetitive massage, whose rhythm, slower than that of traditional massage, and adherence to the skin without the help of products favour the activation of the lymph and the elimination of stagnant liquids.

Available in our centres and home service.

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Lymphatic drainage at home



Booking Classic Hammam in Seville.

The Classic Hammam is a steam bath followed by a deep exfoliation in the traditional way, based on the ancient Roman and Arabic baths of Andalusia. Rinse with Turkish foams and moisturizing massage.

Reservation : 


Hammam Clásico



This is the menu of massages and treatments that Full Vitality Spa has prepared for you in Sevilla, 41004
We are open every day from 10.00 to 21:00 hours.
We remind you that we have a home service for Seville every day from 8:00 to 21:00 hours.


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