Did you know that you can enjoy a professional massage from the comfort of your home? The home service is a professional massage service at home that has become popular in recent years due to its comfort and benefits. Saving time in travel, total privacy, perfect for people with reduced mobility, enjoy a massage anywhere (office, home, rural stay …) are some of the benefits of home service. Today we bring you a list of all its benefits so that you discover its true potential.

Benefits of a home massage

1. Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your home

The main benefit of a home service is to enjoy a spa massage at your home, hotel or rural accommodation. This will provide you with total privacy and save you time on commuting. The home service is a perfect service for everyone, especially for people with reduced mobility such as elderly people or users who need to rest as pregnant or rehabilitation patients. Also with the home service we can complete our vacation getaway when the hotel or accommodation does not have a spa center where this service is offered.

2. Easy to book

You can hire this type of service directly, comfortably and safely through a phone call or through a website. For example, in the Full Vitality Spa, you can hire a Home Service Massage service in less than 5 minutes.

3. Professional therapists with experience

When you hire this type of service, check that the therapists and massage therapists who will come to your home have experience in the sector and can offer you the service you deserve and need.

4. Varied menu of treatments to choose from

The world of spa massages has a wide range of massages depending on your needs and tastes. For example, if you are looking for relaxation, you can enjoy a pleasant aromatherapy massage, exotic relax massages or an ayurveda therapy … but if you need to get your body ready, you can use a Swedish massage, shiatsu or a sports massage … and everything from the exclusivity of your home.

5. All the necessary equipment to offer you the best service

In this aspect, we can only talk about the services offered by Full Vitality, but our professionals will come to your home fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy the contracted service: massage tables, towels, essences and massage oils…

6. Perfect for groups or companies

A massage is perfect to release accumulated tensions, release stress and improve our physical well-being, increasing the productivity of our work. This, together with the fact that it is a service that can be offered anywhere, makes it a very attractive gift for employees and has increased its offer.

In Full Vitality we offer special offers to groups and companies. Call us to request more information.

7. Complete your vacation

In many hotels or rural accommodations they do not have spa services or massage services, so you can complete it with your home service and live a different experience.

After a day of hiking, there is nothing better than a good foot and back massage in a quiet environment.

8. Perfect gift to be the best host

Do you have guests and want to surprise them with the best possible attention? Make your stay complete by offering a professional massage at home, without a doubt, they will thank you.

Do you want a massage at home? You no longer have an excuse to receive a good massage, wherever you are. In the Full Vitality Spa we offer professional home service, with experienced therapists and a wide range of massages to choose from.

What are you waiting for to relax and enjoy from the comfortable privacy of your home? Call us or book on our website.